Rees Family in Glamorgan

Richard Fancher in the USA has the same mtDna as mine. After correspondence the furthest back I can get with his direct female ancestor is to one Ann from Hereford. We therefore has a "trail" of maternal mtDNA ending somewhere in Herefordshire with Ann (perhaps Thackary, or possiblty Tomkins) around 1795 in a place called Towey or Fowey (or whatever the transcription should be). On balance I think that the woaman I am looking for is Ann Tomkins, Christening: 10 May 1801 at Bridstow, Hereford as the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Tomkins.


Hannah Rees was born in Tupsley, Hereford, England, Her maiden name was Bevan or Beavan (death cert gives her daughter of Thomas Bevan & Ann Thackary. And her date of birth as 25 Oct 1835, which is before British government records began. I am clear that the IGI record of 1829 birth is correct, as it ties in with census records as well). She married David Rees, born Llansantffraed, Cardiganshire, Wales they married around 1850 (plus or minus 5 years say) This marriage can be got from UK records and it is most likely one recorded in 1852. Her husband is the same age as her. Their son William Rees appears to have stayed behind in Wales. This is certainly her and her family, and the ages are consistant all the way through in the censuses. Hannah Bevan has an IGI record of a christening: 10 Oct 1829 at Hampton Bishop, Hereford (which contained Tupsley at that time) and is almost certainly her.

I cannot be sure with David Rees, but an IGI christening 10 May 1829 at Llansantffraid, Cardigan, Wales of David Rees to Evan & Eliza Rees is probably the one. The parents had a lot of children, and the names look "right"


The 1881 census has the link to the "Oriel" grandson as well as David & Hannah Rees. It tells you where they were all born, including Hannah being born in Hereford.

That shows that the 1851 census link is correct, and gives Hannah's place of birth as "Tupsley, Hereford"

I cannot find the 1871 record for them, but the 1861 record fits their family but does not give any extra information

For the marriage, it is not possible to see from UK government records which is her marriage. I have searched for all marriages between David Rees and any Hanna between 1845 and 1853. I use a program that narrows your choice down to two or three possibilites (usually - it depends on how many possible entries are on the index page). After that you have to buy the certificate from the government (about $14 a pop), and there is no guarantee that you will be right in the partner, but you do get a certificate for that man marrying at that time in that place.

The most likely one would be this marriage in 1852. The only thing about this is that they are in the 1851 census as being married (they may of course have just being saying that for respectability's sake)

1851 Census
David Rees, a collier aged 21, living in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan. born Cardigan
Hannah Rees, wife, age 21, born Tupsley, Herefordshire

1861 Census
David Rees, age 32, a haulier in coal mines, living at 51 Bridge St, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan
Hannah Rees, age 32, wife
Elizabeth Rees, age 10
Morgan Rees, age 5
David Rees, age 2
Evan Rees, age 1month

1871 Census - I cannot find them in census

1881 Census
David Rees, age 51, coalminer, living at Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan (about 7 miles from Merthyr Tydfil), born Cardigan
Hannah Rees, age 51, born Hereford
David, son aged 22, coalminer
Evan, son aged 20, coalminer
William, son aged 17, coalminer
Maria, daughter aged 15
Ann, daughter aged 13
Morgan, son aged 11
David Oriel, grandson, aged 2


Copies of Census enumeraors books for 1851, 1861 and 1871

1851 census at Pontyrhun at the south end of Merthyr Tydfil

1861 census

1881 census

From Richard Fancher - In the pictures that he recieved from his grandmother was a newpaper cutting from Miners Mills, PA dated Oct 27 1921, that is the story of Mrs Hannah Reese being 100 years old on that day (one can see from census onfo that she as but 90). It says she was born Oct 27 1821 in Glamorganshore, South Wales (census info shows she was born in Tupsley, Hereford, England.) and settled there with her husband David Reese on 27 Oct 1882 (there are a lot of Oct 27s in this story). David Reese was a miner and secured employment in the mines in Miners Mills, he died around 1900. Their children were Morgan E Reese, David O Reese, Mrs Elizabeth Oriel (Richard Fancher's great grandmother who worked as a laundry maid in "Queen Victoria's Palace". ), Mrs Mariah Jones and Mrs Thomas Jones. She received roses from her nephew Edmond Beven. On the back of the picture is written "Gramma Reese. 105 Years young," (Richard Fancher comments "It is obvious that it was written 95 yrs young. someone put a circle around the 9 and a 1 in front of the nine to make it look like 105")

Hannah Reese, b1829

Tupsley was part of the parish of Hampton Bishop in the 1820s (see entry below). The IGI records for Hampton Bishop yield the following family to Thomas and Ann Beavan. Ann appears to have been born about 1801/02 from the census of 1851 (difficult to be sure of transcription, but she cannot be 69 in 1851, from age of her children, as it would imply a 1782 birth,).

I have no reason to doubt Hannah Reese's death certificate saying her mother was Ann Thackery, but I cannot find a marriage of Thomas Beaven to Ann Thackary. There is a Thomas Beavan to Ann Tomkins on 15 Feb 1818 Saint John Baptist, Hereford. It is curious to note that "Thackary" is not a Hereford name, virtually all on IGI are from Yorkshire. There is only 1 record on IGI of a Ann Thackary in Hereford (Marriage: 21 May 1699 Sellack, Hereford, and no births in Hereford). Death certificates are filled in after a person dies, and the person recording the death may not know the exact details of the deceased's life.

1. GEORGE BEAVAN - Christening: 26 NOV 1820 Hampton Bishop, Hereford
2. JAMES BEAVAN - Christening: 04 MAY 1823 Hampton Bishop, Hereford
3. WILLIAM BEAVAN - Christening: 10 JUL 1825 Hampton Bishop, Hereford
4. THOMAS BEAVAN - Christening: 26 OCT 1828 Hampton Bishop, Hereford
5. HANNAH BEAVAN - Christening: 10 OCT 1829 Hampton Bishop, Hereford
6. BENJAMIN BEAVAN - Christening: 31 JUL 1831 Hampton Bishop, Hereford
7. JOSEPH BEAVAN - Christening: 01 MAR 1833 Hampton Bishop, Hereford
8. ELIZA BEVAN - Christening: 05 JAN 1834 Hampton Bishop, Hereford

Extract from 1876 Directory entry for HAMPTON BISHOP is a parish situated on the road between Hereford and Mordiford, distant 3½ miles E.S.E. of Hereford. The population in 1861 was 245; in 1871, 230; inhabited houses, 55; families or separate occupiers, 63; area of parish, 1,261 acres; annual rateable value, £2,923. The Ecclesiastical Commissioners are lords of the manor and chief landowners. Mrs. Weare, Mrs. Bonnor, and Messrs. Gibbons are also landowners here. The soil is a rich loam; subsoil, gravel; about two-thirds of the parish is pasture land; the remainder growing wheat, barley, roots, &c. The river Wye forms the southern boundary of the parish; the walk from Hereford to Hampton church by the river-side will be found to be most lovely and picturesque. Hampton Bishop is in the diocese, archdeaconry, and rural deanery of Hereford; living, a rectory; value, £275, with residence and 4 acres of glebe; patron, the Lord Bishop of Hereford; rector, Rev. Henry James William Stillingfleet, M.A., of Brasenose College, Oxford, who was instituted in 1868.

The church, dedicated to St. Andrew, is an ancient stone building in the Norman style of architecture, with substantial square tower containing five bells. It has nave, chancel, north aisle, a good-toned organ, and a monument to the memory of Colonel Weare, Aide-de-camp to the Queen. The fabric was restored in 1866, at the expense of the late rector (Rev Henry Huntingford), the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, and other landowners. The parish registers commence with the year 1670. The churchyard is kept in excellent order, being ornamented with a variety of shrubs and evergreens, which give it a very pretty and pleasing appearance. There is no school at Hampton Bishop; the children attend Tupsley and Mordiford. There are a few small charities belonging to the parish. A house called "The Lawns", situate near the church, is at present unoccupied. Tupsley, formerly a township in Hampton Bishop, is now a separate parish. It is distant 2½ miles N.W. of Hampton church, and about 1 mile E. of the city of Hereford, of which it forms a pleasant suburb, and under which head the Directory will be found.

I cannot find them in 1841 census either in Hereford or in Wales. Deaths Jun 1840 BEAVEN Thomas Merthyr Tydfil 26 302 is probably her husbands death, and she stayed on at Merthyr Tidfil.

By 1851 census the Bevans have moved to Merthyr Tydfil, the husband has died, and his widow Ann (born Towey, Herefordshire) is living with 3 of her children at Penyquar, Merthyr Tidfil. Note son Joseph is "born Tupsley, Hereford" and is certainly the number 7 of their children on the list above. She has 2 grandchildren living with her Esther Jones age 8 and Thomas Jones age 6. I cannot find them in 1841 census

Joseph Bevan can be picked up in later censuses and had a son Edmund Bevan born 1861 in Merthyr Tydfil. Both the Bevan family from Hereford and the Rees family from Cardigan, ended up living in the same district of Merthyr Tydfil. One can be reasonably sure that this really is the Bevan family that we need.

The problem in tracing Ann Beavan (nee Thackary) is that I cannot find "Towey, Herefordshire" in parishes. The blowup below indicates that it could be "Fowey"

Maternal DNA


If it was Ann Tomkins, rather than Ann Thackary, then this is a possibility - ANN TOMKINS Christening: 10 MAY 1801 Bridstow, Hereford, England. And they have another child WILLIAM TOMKINS Christening: 07 SEP 1794 Bridstow, Hereford, England.
No record of marriage of Samuel Tomkins to a Elizabeth in IGI.

Bridstow is on the outskirts of Ross on Wye, and about 4 miles from "Foy" which could perhaps have been written Fowey by a Welsh census enumerator. The strong possibility is that this is the woman we are looking for.