Contents of the History of the Grant Family in Ireland


Why I wrote this history


Story of the search

A synopsis of my search for the Grant roots


Conclusions and brief analysis of family tree

An overview of the Grant line in Ireland


Descent from The Geraldines in 1057

From the Geraldines to today in a straight line


How the various Grants fit into this tree

A chart of the spread of the Irish Grants


DNA use in Family history research

Thoughts on my Y-DNA


Preamble to the Norman invasion of Ireland

The Grants in England before the invasion of Ireland in 1169


Why Ireland was invaded by the Normans

Almost an accident, and unplanned by the English


The genealogy of the Barons of Iverk

The 5 Barons of Iverk, before the Grants lost the title


William Grant the Elder

Mayhem in the Middle Ages


Ireland from 1320 (sale of the Barony) until 1640 (Cromwell)

It is important to understand what was happening in Ireland


Grants of Iverk from 1320 until 1640

Butler rent records help to track the family


The Grants of Iverk, 1640 to 1690

A complicated period with different armies in Ireland


Ireland from Cromwell , 1640, until William of Orange, 1690

Momentous happenings in Ireland


The Grants of Waterford City, 1500 to 1690

Some Grants drifted to Waterford, across the river from Iverk


Stephen Grant of Waterford (b.@1650)

The first Stephen recorded in Waterford


Jasper Grant

A pirate who plundered and become a country gentlemen


Ireland 1690 to 1798

Events leading to the Act of Union in 1801


Grants of Co. Tipperary, 1660 onwards

Post-Cromwellian confiscation, my Grants move to Tipperary


Grants of Templemore

This branch of the Grant family has now died out


Grants of Moyne, transported to Australia

Highwayman and convicts


John Grant transported from Moyne

Fascinating tale of a convict transported to Australia


Jeremiah Grant, highwayman

Stranger than fiction tale of a highwayman and prison escaper


Grants of Moyaliff

Covering the change in religion from Protestant to Catholic


Ireland 1798 to 1922

The Land Wars and Irish Independence


Rural unrest in Tipperary 1750 to 1850

The Whiteboys in rural Ireland


Shinrone history

The Grants in Shinrone, Offaly


Grants of Shinrone, Co Offaly from 1798

John Grant (b.1770) moved from Moyaliffe to Shinrone

Index of the individual family charts for Shinrone.
Charts A to E are children of Stephen Grant of Drumbane, b @1740

Chart A

John b @1770 of Drommon


Chart B

James d1815


Chart C

Stephen b @1775, d1808


Chart D

William b @1880


Chart E

Thomas b1789


Charts AA to AE are children of John b1770 (Chart A above)


Chart AA

John 1805


Chart AB

William 1808


Chart AC

Stephen 1811


Chart AD

Thomas 1813


Chart AE

James 1816


Charts ACA are children of Stephen b1811 (Chart AC above)


Chart ACA

John 1838


Chart ACB

Charles 1840


Chart ACC

Richard 1843


Chart ACE

Stephen 1848


Chart ACF

William 1850


Chart ACG My own great-grandfather

Thomas 1851


Chart ACH

Ann 1854

Chart ACI

James 1857


Chart ACJ

Robert & Elizabeth


Index to the Appendices


Appendix 1

The spread of the Grants throughout Ireland

Appendix 2

The number of Grant families by area

Appendix 3 Donegal

Grant Family in Donegal, Ireland

Appendix 4 Talbot Migration

Robert Grant, Canada, & Talbot Migration 1818

Appendix 5 Griffiths, Tipperary

Griffiths - all Grants in Tipperary

Appendix 6 Population of Ireland

Population in Ireland

Appendix 7 Tithes Tipperary

Tithe Applotment Book @1830 Tipperary

Appendix 8

Banagher and Cloghan Parish, Kings County

Appendix 9

Burials at Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin

Appendix 10

Various other church records in Tipperary

Appendix 11

Modreeny, Cloughjordan and Ballingarry Records

Appendix 12

Grant births in Shinrone Parish Register

Appendix 13

Grant burials at Shinrone Church

Appendix 14

Grant Marriages at Shinrone Church

Appendix 15 Iverk townlands

Detail of Iverk, Kilkenny in early Norman times

Appendix 16 Iverk post 1665

Iverk, Co Kilkenny from 1665 onwards

Appendix 17

Parishes and current unions in North Tipperary

Appendix 18

Parish records Negative for Grant Family

Appendix 19

Misc. data on the Grant family in Ireland

Appendix 20

Kilconnel Parish, Co Galway

Appendix 21

Roman Catholic Records from Co Tipperary

Appendix 22

Pigots Directory of 1824 for Ireland

Appendix 23

Places associated with the name Grant in Ireland

Appendix 24 Grants Transported

Transportation to Australia - all Grants

Appendix 25 RIC Grants

Royal Irish Constabulary Records

Appendix 26 Woodlawn CO Galway

Woodlawn House, Co Galway

Appendix 27 Trench Family

Trench Houses in Ireland

Grant Family History